Achievement Unlocked: Procure a Free iPhone

I learned today that the company I’ll be working for, post-unemployment, is giving me a free iPhone. When had I worked in consulting, I waited for months for my stingy Big 4 firm to do the same, but all I got from them was an abhorrent work schedule, association with an overrated brand, and eventually the axe. (And yes, it’s been seven months and I’m still taking shots at them)

Anyway, I can’t wait to be downloading apps and acting like a cool “Mac” aficionado. I finally get to join the party, three years after it started.

In terms of personal finance, I wouldn’t recommend anyone get an iPhone. Despite it’s abundance of cool features, the phone is still a bit overpriced and monthly service can go upwards of $100. Lucky for me, service is covered by my company as well. 🙂

Photo Credit: William Hook

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