UCLA MBA Admits Never Received Links to Get SIR or SLR

Sorry about the title, but I tried to make it as close to what I had put into Google when I was in this situation.  This is kind of a trivial post, but I’ve gotten enough emails about the subject that I thought I might as well write one to resolve future inquiries.

As a lot of UCLA MBA admits including myself have experienced, the process of submitting your SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) and SLR (Statement of Legal Residency) has been somewhat unclear.  While everything you need to complete the process is technically there, the communication between the MBA Admissions and Graduate Division offices hasn’t been totally in sync.

The first place where everyone should start is the MBA admit Master Checklist.  Here you’ll see that it clearly states that you’ll receive links to submit the SIR and SLR along with your formal offer letter.

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How to Save $5,000 on Your MBA Tuition

Just go to school in California as a resident.  😉

I don’t think they’ve finalized the actual residential discount, but I’ve heard that it will be at least $5,000.  The process of proving your residency in California is a bit cumbersome.  The registration office sent me a list of required documents, based off of the information I had submitted before:

  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Year old rental lease
  • 2010 Tax Return
  • 2009 Tax Return
  • 2010 W2’s
  • 2009 W2’s
  • Latest Pay Stub
  • Confirmation letter from payroll manager
  • Bank Statement with CA address

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Waitlisted Again for Wharton

So I guess I’m going to Anderson.

As D-Day part two approached, I refused to make a big deal about this decision.  I didn’t stay up at night thinking about it.  I wasn’t checking my email every five minutes like I did last time.  I didn’t create any “positive imagery” and in fact had a lot of “negative imagery” in my head, to potentially help blunt a negative outcome.  And while the build-up to the decision was completely different this time around, my result was exactly the same. 

The wording of the decision was slightly different:  the letter said I’m a great, talented candidate… yada yada yada… and that the class of 2013 was already full.  The school said they would distribute another “final” decision on or before July 18th (which basically means on July 18th).  Problem is, I plan to give notice at work about a month before that.

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UCLA Anderson Student Housing Options Guide

UCLA provides a limited number of student housing options for all of it’s students.  For grad students specifically, the housing is done by lottery and the priority deadline for submitting your housing application is today, May 6th.  At first I was really only considering living off campus in Brentwood, because I had heard great things about the area.  However, the idea of having an apartment ready before I arrive was something that sounded pleasant to me.  During admit weekend, I had heard a number of horror stories about students arriving late, without a place to stay, and spending thousands of dollars living in a hotel before they finally settled down.  If you refer to the resource links below and click on “virtual tour and floor plan,” you can see that all the locations are pretty nice.  Because I think these units are sufficient, using student housing would also save me the cost and trouble of flying out to LA and scoping out a place.  Anyway, I haven’t fully decided where I want to live, but I definitely would like to have the option of living in the student housing locations.

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UCLA Anderson Admit Package Unboxing

If you can’t tell, I’m having difficulty finding inspiration to blog right now.  Before I get a comment about my “post quality”, please note that this is a natural progression for every MBA applicant blog.  For a quick comparison, see below: MBA applicant blog: drama, sacrifices, stress, tough feedback, essays, decisions, dings, acceptances MBA student … Read more

Accepted to UCLA Anderson Round 2

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning and feel groggy is check all of my email accounts – usually there’s something in there that stresses me out and helps wake me up.   When my Gmail emails downloaded, I noticed an admissions decision email from UCLA. The official … Read more

Plus One: UCLA Interview Invite

I thought I’d have a break after I did my Haas Interview, since I applied to that school a month earlier than all my other schools, but I guess that’s not happening.  Don’t worry, I’m not complaining.  😉 I was literally staring at my Gmail account when the invite popped up.  At first, I thought … Read more