Net Worth Update: December 2010 – And So it Was

Net Change: +$3,944.14 Net Cashflow: +$825.46 Investment Performance: +$3,188.68 October 2010 S&P Performance: +5.2% Dining Out Spend: $ (313.79) This month, I barely noticed that the new year had come around, mainly because I had my head buried in essays and business school application forms.  But when it was all said and done, I hit … Read more

Save Money with the Ghetto Big Mac

The people in this video have developed a “hack” of sorts to get a “Big Mac” from McDonalds just by ordering a double cheeseburger and half a small order of fries.  And although I would never try to pull this off myself, I would definitely consider ordering my next burger with Big Mac sauce.  Who knew you could do that?

Net Worth Update: June 2010 – Moving On

Net Change: +$1,550.75 Net Cashflow: +$2,600.85 Investment Performance: $ (1,050.10) June 2010 S&P Performance: (5.4%) Food Spend Monthly Change: +$0.86 Dining Out: $ (299.26) Groceries: $ (173.96) Maybe I should just move all my investments to cash?  I know, I know, I’m just kidding.  The market will have its ups and downs.  Stocks are a … Read more

How I Can Save More Money

1.  “Renting” DVDs from the Library 2.  Using RedBox Free DVD Codes 3.  Using Digital Coupons with My Safeway Club Card 4.  Cooking More Often / Eating Out Less 5.  Investing More Time in This Blog Things That Would Be a Waste of Time 1.  Peer to Peer Lending 2.  Buying Stocks / Timing the … Read more

Should I Use My Flex Spending Account (FSA)?

The answer to this question for most people is undoubtedly YES, regardless of what medical expenses you expect to incur in the upcoming year. If your health insurance plan offers a Flex Spending Account, or FSA, in addition to your regular health insurance, it’s almost always wise to opt in.  An FSA allows you to … Read more

Green Tip: Unplug Your Sonicare Toothbrush

I absolutely adore my Sonicare toothbrush.  I’m at the point where my teeth simply don’t feel clean when I don’t use it.  This is actually how I discovered this very simple green tip. I loved my Sonicare so much that, when I began traveling every week for work, I needed to bring my it with … Read more

The Best Sites For Quality Free Apps

The moment I created an iTunes account, I knew it had the potential to burn a hole through my wallet. With the iPhone and iTunes, apps can be downloaded simply with a handful of presses on your screen. This presents a very fundamental personal finance question to all the frugal savers out there: How do … Read more