Shout Out to My Fellow MBA Bloggers

As my blog has gotten older, I’ve noticed that a number of fellow MBA bloggers have listed my site on their blogroll.  I honestly haven’t been very good about keeping my own blogroll up to date.  The GMAT and the admissions process has a way of consuming your life and making you want to enjoy … Read more

Should Everyone Apply to Harvard?

A few years ago, I was sitting in a room discussing MBA applications with some consulting peers.  At the time, I had not yet decided to go to business school, but most of the others already had and were in the process of applying.  One comment struck me with intrigue: “Everyone should apply to Harvard.” … Read more

BTG’s Write Like an Expert Series Begins Today

One complaint I’ve always had about admissions consultants is that they can sometimes be too vague with their guidance.  This is understandable given that they must cater to a large audience whom may be applying to a number of different schools.  However, with a new webinar series, the admissions consultants now have a chance to … Read more

Do Consultants Have an Edge When Applying to Business School?

When I graduated from college, I worked for one of the Big 4 consulting firms.  From the day we started, we were told that our ultimate goal was to go on to business school and hopefully rejoin the firm.  Based on my personal observations, there was not a single consultant, of those who applied, who … Read more

Course Corrections for My GMAT Study Plan

Now that I’m approximately 60 days away from the big day, it’s a good time to reflect on everything I’ve done thus far and make adjustments where needed.  I’ve read blogs, reviewed forums, and taken two practice CATs thus far.  I’ve also completed six weeks of the Manhattan GMAT Online Live Course. Higher Standards Getting … Read more

My G-Day Is Set: October 15

I was whining and complaining in my previous post, but it only took a couple of hours for the GMAC to send me my confirmation email.  I quickly logged on and set my date for a Friday in October.  I saw an opening for a 12:00 spot and decided to take it.  If I were … Read more