The MBA Bet: >11,866.62

Yesterday the market closed at 11,866.62, after our lawmakers decided to put a gun to head of the American economy during the debt ceiling crisis. The market has been down sharply the past few days and just slipped under the 12,000 mark. In a lot of ways, I feel like our economy – I experienced … Read more

Is Education the Next Market Bubble?

I recently came across the above chart from Clusterstock’s Chart of the Day.  It shows the education “market” versus the rest of the market, during a period where we went through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.  The question proposed by this chart is same one that was asked about real estate many … Read more

Net Worth Update: July 2010 – Blind Optimism

Net Change: +$5,485.64 Net Cashflow: +$2,571.20 Investment Performance: +$2,914.44 July 2010 S&P Performance: +6.9% Food Spend Monthly Improvement: $ (52.36) Dining Out: $ (308.03) Groceries: $ (217.55) What a difference one month makes.  Now the market is my best friend.  ;)  My Net Worth Goal (+$25K this year) would be easy to reach if I … Read more

Best Job Search Sites in a Down Economy

The web is filled with so many job sites that it’s now difficult to navigate through all of them. The issue becomes more pressing during a bad economy: those looking for jobs need to make better efficacy of their time and are much more desperate for employment. Having gone through this exact situation before, looking … Read more