The GMAT Plan

I’m doing it. On my desk is the 2007 Kaplan GMAT.  Yes 2007.  That means I’ve been delaying the GMAT for 3 years.  But after years of procrastinating, I’ve decided to study for and take the GMAT.  Afterwards, I will apply for business school in the fall. Below is my study plan for the GMAT.  … Read more

Book Review: Outliers: The Story of Success

Outliers: The Story of Success Malcom Gladwell 2008 285 pages Outliers had been recommended to me on a number of occasions, and by the time I finally picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. The title of the book is somewhat misleading to its overall premise: the premise that many outliers who’ve risen to … Read more

The Consulting Swingset Analogy

Most people who work in consulting have seen the cartoon above being related to both project management and consulting work in general. The picture comes from, which even has a feature that lets you create your own swingset analogy cartoon. Besides being extremely funny, the cartoon does illustrate a number of the unfortunate realities … Read more

Unemployment: Feeding Frenzy

One of the best things about being unemployed (especially in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression) is being able to take advantage of all the free food offers without feeling shameful.  Below is a list of the free food offers I’ve taken advantage of during my own personal economic recession. Denny’s Free Grand … Read more

My First Unemployment Check

I received my first unemployment check this week.  $541 from the state of Washington.  I was actually hoping to get it in the mail so I could take a picture of the check and post it, but due to the magic of direct deposit, I won’t have that opportunity.  I guess this post will serve … Read more

Inspiration for the Unemployed

Like millions of other Americans, I lost my job earlier this year due to the weak economy. Emotionally, I’ve come up from hitting the bottom, but I still have occasional relapses; days where I leave my pajamas on and stay in bed all day. One of the interesting things about being unemployed is that the … Read more