How Quicken Beat Out MS Money is Still Beyond Me

I recently got an upgrade notice from Quicken, with an offer to purchase the 2011 edition of their software at a discounted price.  Since I recently switched to Quicken 2010 from MS Money Plus, and still have two years left before my online connectivity runs out, I wasn’t about to give Intuit more of my money, for what was essentially the same product I already purchased with a new coat of paint.

I decided to humor myself and click on the new features link anyway, to see what they were offering.  In reviewing these “new features” for Quicken 2011, I was shocked to see how many of these features were already available in Microsoft Money Plus, a product released over three years ago.  This doesn’t bode well for Quicken customers, considering that it’s 2011 and Intuit is still trying to catch up to Money’s functionality.  And because it’s now a monopolized market with Money gone, I’m not sure Intuit will have much incentive to upgrade their software any faster.

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