Net Worth Update: November 2010 – Calm Before the Storm

Net Change: +$1,425.12

Net Cashflow: +$2,288.55

Investment Performance: $ (863.43)
2010 S&P Performance: (1.0%)

Dining Out Spend: $ (302.87)

November wasn’t a great month, but I improved enough to hit my net worth goal for the year.  I’m still in debt based on student and personal loans, but hitting a goal that I thought was completely out of reach is a good feeling.  As long as December isn’t a complete crash, I’ll be well over for the year.  (And in fact, December has been pretty good thus far)

The storm coming up is gauntlet of MBA admission applications coming in early January.  Each application is going to cost me $200 – $250 a pop.  This is going to put a lot of stress on both my energy level and my wallet.

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