Net Worth Update: December 2010 – And So it Was

Net Change: +$3,944.14

Net Cashflow: +$825.46

Investment Performance: +$3,188.68
2010 S&P Performance: +5.2%

Dining Out Spend: $ (313.79)

This month, I barely noticed that the new year had come around, mainly because I had my head buried in essays and business school application forms.  But when it was all said and done, I hit and well surpassed my net worth goal for the year.  I’m still technically in debt overall, but reaching this goal was definitely a welcome surprise.

From a cashflow perspective, I didn’t do that well, mainly because of a large tax advance I needed to make.  But December’s investment performance was one of the best months in a while, and helped me end the year on a good note.

For the months of December and January, I spent well over $1,000 paying for business school application fees.  It’s going to hurt when I close out January.  People always talk about the cost of going to business school, but applying isn’t cheap either.

For the past year, I’ve been trying to improve my finances to put myself in better position to pay for business school.  Since I track my finances so closely, if I finally get into a top business school, it’s going to be weird to watch my net worth drop $150,000 over two years.  Hopefully the market will have recovered by then and I can start getting a return on this investment right away.  I hear stories about people being in debt for the rest of their lives because of business school and I definitely don’t want to fall into that category.

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