UCLA MBA Admits Never Received Links to Get SIR or SLR

Sorry about the title, but I tried to make it as close to what I had put into Google when I was in this situation.  This is kind of a trivial post, but I’ve gotten enough emails about the subject that I thought I might as well write one to resolve future inquiries.

As a lot of UCLA MBA admits including myself have experienced, the process of submitting your SIR (Statement of Intent to Register) and SLR (Statement of Legal Residency) has been somewhat unclear.  While everything you need to complete the process is technically there, the communication between the MBA Admissions and Graduate Division offices hasn’t been totally in sync.

The first place where everyone should start is the MBA admit Master Checklist.  Here you’ll see that it clearly states that you’ll receive links to submit the SIR and SLR along with your formal offer letter.

This part is important because (as far as I know) you need to finalize your intent and legal residency before you can apply for student housing, the very next item on the checklist.

First you’ll get an email from “UCLA_Application_Decision@gdnet.ucla.edu” with a link, login (your email), and a random password.  After a few clicks and inputs, you should be able to view and download your formal offer letter.  No issues with that step.  The problem occurs when you scan through your offer letter and realize there are no links to submit your SIR or SLR.  All you get are a UCLA ID and an Application ID.

The fix for this is relatively simple, but can be extremely frustrating if you’ve called both the MBA Admissions and the Graduate Division offices, and neither can give you a definite answer.  Simply go to UCLA’s main student administrative portal, called URSA (University Records System Access), and request a UCLA “Logon” ID.  Note that this is different than the aforementioned UCLA ID you got in the decision letter.  Also note that you’ll need to submit the UCLA ID to apply for a UCLA “Logon” ID.

After you’ve successfully obtained a UCLA “Logon” ID and logged in, you’ll be brought to a main landing page with an “Admissions” section.  Within that section, you should find the long awaited links to submit both your SIR and SLR.  (It’s just a bunch of web based forms you fill out and confirm)  I can’t show it in my screenshots since I’ve already completed the process, but once you’re done it should look like this:

If any UCLA administrators are reading this and you’ve noticed something is incorrect or has been updated, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “UCLA MBA Admits Never Received Links to Get SIR or SLR”

  1. Thanks for posting this Mark! I haven’t received the formal acceptance letter yet so I’ll have to patiently wait. 🙁

  2. Jesus, I only realized this now – nearly 5 months after I got the original response. Thanks for the post!

  3. Hi Mark,
    I was randomly trolling around and stumbled onto your blog. I was recently accepted to attend UCLA Anderson and am currently sorting through the “next steps” process. Interestingly, my acceptance letter isn’t formatted like yours in that my UCLA ID and Application ID #s aren’t on the letter. I guess I’ll have to call and find out that information.
    Also, since it’s too late for student housing, I’m trying to find a way to see if anyone is interested in sharing a 2 bedroom in Brentwood. I believe that sharing an apartment with a fellow Anderson student will be helpful in lowering housing costs while creating an environment where it’s easy to work together on projects and mock interviews. I’ll probably end up posting on the Anderson Forum to see if anyone is interested.

    Anyway thanks for putting a lot of helpful information on your blog!

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