2010 Goals: First Quarter Update

Cumulative Percentage Completed: 33%
Total Goals Completed: 3 / 18

Below is a summary of all my 2010 goals and my progress against them:

Additionally, I’ve included a bar / heat chart hybrid to track my goals. (I’ve always liked heat charts, but they never seem to work well in business situations)


My health goals are the most important this year, and of the ones I have direct control over, I feel I’m doing well.  I’ve setup almost all of my required check up appointments and then some.  (No more paying for insurance and not using it, like I did as a traveling consultant)  I setup a flex spending account and I am well on my way to using the entire allocated amount.  It’s the two goals I don’t have direct control over that bug me.  My health has fluctuated up and down recently, and I simply feel I have no real control over my weight or the amount of medication I’m on.  I’m hopeful that, over time, these two goals will progress, but until then, I sit at zero percent.

For my gifting goal, I’ve already given my brother and sister both $100 each, but I’m thinking $1000 for the year might not be enough.  I’m wondering if I should gift more.


Most of my career goals are on track, except for the Adsense one which was a stretch goal anyway.  I’m really happy to be on track with my reading goal as I’ve found this one the most fulfilling thus far.  The GMAT goal is somewhat of a strange bogey for me; I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I will take it this year, due to the serious problems with my health.  I guess for now, I’ll leave it up there in case it comes back into play for me.  But for now, my GMAT books are sitting on my desk gathering dust.


The financial goals I set this year were all really simple, and yet, I’ve still managed to lag behind in most of them.  Most of these I could knock out in a week or two, but I’ve been too lazy to get to them.  The one goal I actually can be proud of is the Quicken switch I vowed I would make.  I should be completely over to the new software within a few weeks.  My net worth goal is within reach, but now seems completely dependent on how the market performs over the year.  The other problem is that it runs counter to my gifting goal; assuming I intend to gift more to my family this year than I originally set out.  Anyway, I guess if I don’t hit this goal, for whatever reason, I really won’t be too upset.

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