The GMAT Hope Poster

During my three months of studying for the GMAT, I definitely had some rough periods.  The one that I remember most vividly was having to take my GMAT material with me on my vacation back home.  Not only did I lug the huge Official Guide 12th edition book with me on the plane, but I also brought a stopwatch to time myself (yes, I did timed OG problems on the plane) and the Test Simulation booklet because I intended to do a practice CAT when I landed.  Before I left for home, I remembered how depressed I was.  Seeing my family was going to be great, but my focus was still the GMAT at the time.  I took a picture of my study materials as a reminder of how pathetic I felt at the time, and now I’ve turned it into the HOPE poster below.  I think it serves as a great memento of one of the toughest tests of my will and reminds me of how I persevered through this hardship to reach my goal.

You can download the HOPE Poster App from iTunes.

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