Random GMAT Tips: Focus on the Minutiae

Sometimes little things go a long way.  Here are a few random tips that I’ve learned from my GMAT prep thus far:

Don’t use “S”, “Z”, or lower case “L” as variables during algebraic math problems – I don’t know about you, but sometimes my S’s and Z’s look like 5’s and 2’s.  I’ve actually made a couple of mistakes based on using these variables.  A lower case “L” obviously looks like a “1”, so just make sure to capitalize it if you use it.

Put your cap back on your pen when you’re done using it – this usually isn’t a problem for me on the Math section, since I’m using it almost the whole time, but on Verbal I have a tendency to think about a question with my pen cap off.  This was a little unnerving on one of my practice tests when my pen started to run out of ink towards the end.  Lesson here: conserve ink to save yourself the trouble of having to ask one of the administrators for a new pen.

Bring Snacks to the Testing Center – Even if you don’t feel like eating during the test, it can’t hurt to at least have the option.  Some good options are beef jerky if you get really hungry during a test or a protein bar if you need energy.  Don’t drink too much water because it may affect your bladder if you get nervous on the test.

Do you have any other quick tips for GMAT takers?

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