My G-Day Is Set: October 15

I was whining and complaining in my previous post, but it only took a couple of hours for the GMAC to send me my confirmation email.  I quickly logged on and set my date for a Friday in October.  I saw an opening for a 12:00 spot and decided to take it.  If I were to fail to break 700 on that test day and have to schedule retake it, by then it would be the heart of test taking season and there likely wouldn’t be any 12:00 spots left.  I personally feel that the 12:00 time slots mitigate certain risks from the process, such as oversleeping or the chance of getting to the test center later.  After doing everything I can to limit the possibility of random problems, the rest will just be execution.

People have told me that setting your test date motivates you and forces you to become assertive towards your study strategy.  They were right.  I’m now officially two and a half months away from my test date, and while I’ve learned a lot through my GMAT class, I’ve only done one CAT and slightly more than 20% of the 1500 or so Official Guide problems thus far.  I’m definitely feeling the pressure and think I have to kick things up a notch.

I usually tell people that I study for two hours every weekday and four hours every weekend.  While this is usually true, there are times when four hours are actually three hours, and sometimes two hours are really half an hour.

I can’t afford this type of laziness at this stage of the game.  Not while there is a definite lull at my workplace and with the GMAT being so close.  After this week’s homework, I plan to evaluate all of my progress to date and set a course of action to make my final two months truly count.

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