Guest Post: What Type Of MBA Program Should You Apply To

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As you are looking to begin your MBA application, you should make sure to understand the different types of business school programs available.  Different programs may appear to make more sense based on your career and situation.

Executive MBA Programs: An Executive MBA program is best suited for individuals who have significant work experience.  An interesting note is that some MBA programs, for example the Haas Business School and Columbia Business School, have partnered to create a unique MBA experience.

One-Year MBA Programs:  There are a number of great options for those who are only looking to attend business school for one year.  Typically these programs are accelerated versions of similar two year business school programs and applicants are accepted to leave with the same connections and knowledge base.

It’s important to note that for a one-year program, summer internships are not offered. These shorter programs are best suited for those who already have business experience and are not expecting to make dramatic career changes.

Part-Time MBA Programs: A part-time MBA program is best suited for those who want to continue their day job and pursue their graduate degree on the side.  With this degree you will leave with the same knowledge and network, although it will take longer to complete the degree.

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