GMAT Study Update: My Growing Study Backlog

Although every week I’ve made very good progress in terms of learning new concepts and completing Official Guide problems, I’m technically behind schedule according to my MGMAT Online Course Syllabus.  I’m somewhat of a completionist, so I don’t want to leave out a component of my studies that might actually be beneficial to my score.  All of these will need to get done eventually, either during the timeframe of my online course or during the one month break I have before my actual test.  Below is my current backlog of things I should’ve done by now but haven’t:

MGMAT Online Labs – The online labs are 30 min to 1 hour sessions that review a key GMAT topic not covered in the live courses.  While I definitely recognize the value in doing these, I simply haven’t found the time to get these done.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not interactive at all, but I find it really difficult to sit through these.  I’ll definitely complete the labs on “Timing” and “AWA” but I think I’ll do the rest at the end of the course.

Advanced Official Guide GMAT problems – Currently I’ve only done the “general” questions (as deemed by MGMAT) within the Official Guide books.  They also have an advanced set that I really should do.  Before I get to the test, I’m going to make sure to go through every single OG problem, and at the very least review the ones I got incorrect or took a long time to complete.

Data Sufficiency Strategies for Math Problems – The DS Strategies component of each Math topic basically covers different ways to translate statements in DS questions.  While these can definitely provide insight in how to solve these problems, I don’t think these sections are presented well within the context of the overall course.  I’ll probably review them all at the end of the course.

MGMAT Advanced Sections – nearly all of the MGMAT books have an advanced section towards the end.  However, I’m a bit hesitant to work on those yet, as I’ve gotten feedback from some instructors that this material is not necessary to do well on the GMAT.  I’ve been told it’s better to just focus on the core concepts and make sure I have those down pat.  While I probably won’t go into the advanced concepts in depth, I’ll probably skim them all just to see if I can pick up anything useful for the test.

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