Excel Tip: Change Startup File

If you’re like me, you do a lot of formatting to the Book1.xls file that Excel initially opens up.  However, if you find yourself making the same changes over and over again, you might just want to automate the whole startup formatting process.

Implementing this is actually a really simple task.  Open up Excel as you normally would and format the file to your liking.  Changes to your default Excel startup file can include:

  1. Removing the gridlines
  2. Changing the view from 100% to 80%
  3. Deleting the two extra sheets

Once you have the file exactly the way you want it.  Save it to your desktop as “Book1.xls”

Now find the directory for placing the Excel startup file.  You might have to dig into the program files directory to find it.  Below is an example from my computer:


Once there, drag and drop your customize Excel file into that folder.  After this task is complete, you’re done.  Every time you open Excel will default to the formatting you specified.

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