Moola Resources

Everything Moola An old blog with many posts about Moola. Moola Forum The official forum for Moola users. Currently there is not much discussion going on, but contains a number of good strategies and testimonials. Moola Cheats Cheat sheets and game guides for Moola’s three most popular games. They definitely don’t guarantee victory, but will … Read more

Top Ten Signs You’ve Become a Consultant

You find it difficult to explain things without PowerPoint. The Monday morning flight attendants know you better than your neighbors. You tried to raise a plant at home and it died. You constantly use words that don’t really exist. You regularly divulge sensitive client information with your family and friends.  Who cares?  They won’t understand you anyway. You … Read more

AIG Execs Get Their Bonuses; Taxpayers Get Screwed Again

Today, in the face of a huge public outcry, which included complaints from both the Treasury Secretary and the President himself, AIG handed out $165 million dollars in bonuses to their executives, many of whom were the primary culprits in causing the financial crisis we’re in today.  AIG CEO Edward Liddy claimed there were “contractual obligations” that prevented the … Read more