Surviving the Wait Game

 One of the comments on my “depression” post last week, made by JustShip, really stood out to me: “… focus on other things.” I’ve been so used to giving it my all, and setting tough goals for myself that I almost feel obligated to be stressed out right now.  But there’s really no reason for … Read more

Net Worth Update: August 2010 – Distracted

Net Change: +$1,071.31 Net Cashflow: +$2,430.77 Investment Performance: $ (1,359.40) August 2010 S&P Performance: (4.7%) Dining Out Spend: $ (224.41) I usually make my net worth updates about 2 days after the month closes.  I only wait those two days to make sure all of my credit card transactions have gone through and are loaded … Read more

Somewhere I Belong

I recently went on vacation and the experience afforded me the opportunity to listen to my old “traveler’s iPod.”  The same iPod I would use for all of my consulting travel during my previous career.  When I traveled as a consultant, I would always try to sleep on the plane, and thus, I usually listened … Read more

Tracking My Blood Pressure Over Time

As I’ve indicated on this blog before, I developed kidney problems after being laid off from my company last year.  My latest visit with my nephrologist indicated that my kidneys were functioning at 70%.  It sounded really bad to me at first, but the doctor indicated that 70% is a perfectly fine functionality for someone’s … Read more

Should I Use My Flex Spending Account (FSA)?

The answer to this question for most people is undoubtedly YES, regardless of what medical expenses you expect to incur in the upcoming year. If your health insurance plan offers a Flex Spending Account, or FSA, in addition to your regular health insurance, it’s almost always wise to opt in.  An FSA allows you to … Read more

My Tennis Career is Over

Or at least I think it is.  I pulled my calf muscle for the third time this morning and it hurts like hell.  This was during a match against an opponent I was probably going to lose to anyway.  The first time I pulled my calf it surprised me a bit.  Now that it’s happened … Read more