Somewhere I Belong

I recently went on vacation and the experience afforded me the opportunity to listen to my old “traveler’s iPod.”  The same iPod I would use for all of my consulting travel during my previous career.  When I traveled as a consultant, I would always try to sleep on the plane, and thus, I usually listened … Read more

The GMAT Plan

I’m doing it. On my desk is the 2007 Kaplan GMAT.  Yes 2007.  That means I’ve been delaying the GMAT for 3 years.  But after years of procrastinating, I’ve decided to study for and take the GMAT.  Afterwards, I will apply for business school in the fall. Below is my study plan for the GMAT.  … Read more

More 2010 Goals

I’ve added two more health goals to round out to eighteen total this year. 1.  Use up the $900 allocated to my Flex Spending Account This is the first time I’ve participated in a flex spending account, where I’m basically given the chance to designate a portion of my healthcare expenses as tax free.  After … Read more

2010 Goals Addendum

11.  Complete an Updated Resume Every Month Just having a job is not as secure as it used to be, especially in this type of economy.  Regardless of how my comfortable my current job may become, I always need to be prepared for my next step.  That’s why a resume and a CV are so important.  After what … Read more

My 2010 Goals

The goals I have this year have never been more important. After going through what was, hopefully, the toughest challenge of my life, I will now define my legacy by how I recover. I’ve separated my goals into three major themes: Restore My Health, Improve My Mind, and Maintain My Finances. Restore My Health The … Read more

I Have Found the Holy Grail

And it is books. Yes, quite simply books. A phenomenon I’ve had contact with for years but have never fully utilized. The various methods towards success and fruition. The answers to the worlds problems. They’re all in books. Yes, it’s dumb to have such a revelation at the age of 25, but sometimes you need … Read more