The GMAT Plan

I’m doing it.

On my desk is the 2007 Kaplan GMAT.  Yes 2007.  That means I’ve been delaying the GMAT for 3 years.  But after years of procrastinating, I’ve decided to study for and take the GMAT.  Afterwards, I will apply for business school in the fall.

Below is my study plan for the GMAT.  I need to get a score in the 700 range to get in to the schools of my choice.  While this plan will likely change as I go along, part of the reason to have this post is to shame myself in case I don’t fulfill this goal.

As you can tell by the book, I’ve already begun studying to get a head start.  With the way the economy is turning and issues at my current company, I truly need to be prepared for a career shift, regardless of how comfortable I’ve become.  Change is tough and during this economy, can be especially scary.  And it’s been difficult for me to accept up to this point.  But the evidence is simply too compelling.  I need to let go and I need to move on.


  • Begin studying for the GMAT
  • 30 min per weekday and 2 hours per weekend
  • 4.5 hours per week


  • Ramp up studying
  • 1 hour per weekday and a 4 hour practice test per weekend
  • 9 hours per week


  • Take time off and do more practice tests
  • Take the GMAT


  • Apply for Business Schools:  Haas, Anderson, Wharton, Harvard

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