UCLA Anderson Admit Package Unboxing

If you can’t tell, I’m having difficulty finding inspiration to blog right now.  Before I get a comment about my “post quality”, please note that this is a natural progression for every MBA applicant blog.  For a quick comparison, see below:

MBA applicant blog:

MBA student blog:

  • “Hmm, I think I’ll sign up for that managerial accounting course.”
  • “Oh, and I’ll probably attend the evening mixer tonight.”
  • “Geez, I am in a lot of debt.”

Not trying to disrespect the MBA student bloggers out there, as I soon will become one.  Plus, MBA students have a lot less flexibility in terms of blogging about their job search.  But I think an MBA is much more exciting to experience than it is to read about.  It does make me wonder what I’m going to do with this blog long term.

Anyway, I got the UCLA admit package last week.  It contained a resource guide, an acceptance letter with a handwritten note from the dean, and two freebies: a leather business card holder with an embossed UCLA logo and a laser pointer / flashlight pen.  I’ve already spent thousands of dollars applying to business school.  Now I’m finally getting some ROI.  😉


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  1. Congrats. That’s very exciting. Don’t worry about the lack of motivation to post. Every blogger goes through that no matter what they are blogging about.

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