Review: Navigating the MBA Admissions Process Online Course

Created by Beat the GMAT and Clear Admit, “Navigating the MBA Admissions Process” is an online video course built on the Udemy online learning platform. The course covers all aspects of the admissions process using a series of lectures from admissions experts, supplemented by PowerPoint slides.

Stacey Oyler, one of the Admissions Experts

The benefit of having an admissions “course” is that it acts as a one stop shop for all of your admissions learning. Unfortunately, even after you’ve finished the GMAT, there’s still a tremendous amount you need to study before you even start filling out your applications. The Udemy course streamlines this process by providing you step by step guidance through the major topics within MBA admissions.

With an online course, you can learn and digest the material at your own pace. The material can be accessed at any time and all slides and outlines are downloadable. This makes your research more of a structured learning experience, similar to taking a GMAT course, rather than trying to put many pieces of a puzzle together.

Below are the topics currently listed for the course. The most interesting topic for me was the application calendar. I definitely got pressed for time towards the end of my applications and would have fared better had I planned everything out a little better.

  • How To Choose Which Business Schools To Target
  • Understanding Your Admissions Reader
  • How To Market Yourself In Your Applications
  • Planning The B-School Application Calendar
  • How To Write The Most Effective Application Essays
  • How To Ensure The Most Effective Recommendation Letters
  • How To Interact With The Schools To Improve Your Admissions Chances
  • How To Prepare For Interviews
  • How To Manage Waitlists
  • How To Make The Final Decision On Where To Attend

Now admittedly, doing your admissions research in one neat package is not an absolute necessity. However, you should compare taking the class to how I originally approached the admissions process. After taking the GMAT, I jumped on Google and began searching various terms, such as “recommendation letter” and “MBA school selection.” I found a variety of articles that I bookmarked and referenced and signed up for any webinar that I could attend (though many were scheduled during work hours). I jotted down notes occasionally but they were scattered between work and home. I was never really organized when doing my research. Taking the class would’ve definitely saved me some time and removed some of the ambiguity.

In terms of drawbacks, if you remember the Beat the GMAT Write Like an Expert webinars, one of the things I enjoyed most from attending those sessions was the Question and Answer component. Given that this is a canned course, you obviously won’t be able to ask questions of your instructor, though I do believe they have an associated discussion board for class participants. Also, even though different examples are discussed, if you have a very unique situation, the online course might not provide advice that addresses your needs.

If you’ve decided to go to business school, “Navigating the MBA Admissions Process” is a structured and well-organized way to ramp up on all aspects of the MBA admissions process. Buying the course will set you back $249, so I would consider this a mid-range admissions product, costing more than doing it yourself but much less expensive than hiring an admissions consultant. Beat the GMAT is currently offering a temporary discount of $50 off. Click here for more details about the course.

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  1. Thank you Mark for that review of our new product, Navigating the MBA Admissions Process! And just a comment about the Write Like an Expert Series–that is coming again very soon!

    Thanks again,

    Eric Bahn
    Founder of Beat The GMAT

  2. wow very nice points they mentioned…good

    How To Choose Which Business Schools To Target
    Understanding Your Admissions Reader
    How To Market Yourself In Your Applications
    Planning The B-School Application Calendar
    How To Write The Most Effective Application Essays

  3. For those many applicants like me, who have so many questioins on mind on how to choose and finalize from the list of schools, how to write effective essays, how to read the admission officers mind and so on. This course is amazing and the lectures delivered by the Clear Admit team are wonderful and very helpful with practical approach and advice. Wish I had access to this course atleast a year before and it would have helped me in implementing the team’s advice in an effective manner. It is one of those priceless courses which is very practical with tons of advice. I would recommend this course for anyone who is either starting with their admission process or already in the process of applying and writing essays. Thanks a lot to BeattheGMAT team and Clear Admit team for bringing this together for MBA aspirants like me. It’s a gem of the courses. Venkat

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