MBA Interview Preparation Checklist

I often engage in obsessive compulsive behavior when it comes to preparation.  I guess my OCD tendencies helped when I took the GMAT.  Anyway, below is my checklist for preparing for an MBA interview.  This is intended to include everything outside of the content prepartion.


– Google Maps to and from
– Change and dollar bills for parking
– Google Maps on iPhone in case I get lost


– Shave
– Trim nails

Suit & Attire

– Iron Suit
– Make sure it fits
– Use Lint roller
– Pick out shirt
– Pick out tie
– Shine dress shoes
– Clean glasses


– 5 Hour Energy
– Visine
– Breath mints
– Tissues
– Identification
– Interview notebook w/ pen
– 2 copies of resume
– Interview notes

Right Before

– Turn off cell phone

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