Dinged for Haas Round 2 After Interview

It’s hard to describe how I feel right now.  Part of me is hurt by the fact that I felt this school would have been a great fit for me.  Part of me feels my chances of getting in to at least one school are still good.  Don’t get me wrong, this feeling definitely sucks right now, but I honestly expected to be more devastated if this were to occur.   Maybe the reality just hasn’t hit me yet?  I probably won’t sleep well tonight. 

I was really anxious getting into work today, and when I got there, I was constantly checking both my phone and my email.  Around the middle of the day, the “Berkeley Admissions Decision” email popped into my inbox.  My heart rate started to increase.  I should’ve realized this was a bad sign, but I really thought I would get into this school.  The link they originally sent was broken, so I just used the regular admissions portal.  When I finally logged in and clicked on my admissions status, I felt completely empty because of what I saw:

Unable to Offer Admission

I didn’t even get waitlisted.  I started thinking back to all the parts of my application that I could’ve improved.  My GPA and GMAT were fine and I thought my essays were pretty good, but there was definitely room for improvement.  My interview was okay, and I know I answered some questions really well.  But I definitely could’ve answered a few of the questions better.  Maybe my interviewer didn’t think much of me?  I thought my best asset was fit – from a cultural perspective I knew I would have fit in perfectly within the Berkeley culture.  Regardless of all the “could haves” and “would haves” I throw out there, the decision is final and my candidacy is over:  I won’t be going to Haas this year.  Now it’s starting to hit me. 

I think I need to look into building a more detailed backup plan.  I applied to five schools thinking that surely I would get into at least one.  But my chances have gotten much slimmer with this latest ding and not going to business school should now be a serious consideration of mine.

I’m going to take a long lunch today.  From now until my next decision, I probably won’t be blogging much or reading any of the boards.


13 thoughts on “Dinged for Haas Round 2 After Interview”

  1. Damn it, man, it’s awful. What’s your GPA? Are you IT/Indian or something?

    Your GMAT is great. I’m so sorry for you. Something will work out, though, even if it takes 3rd round action.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you got dinged. This is one of my biggest fears for when I apply next year — that I’ll get a bunch of rejections and no acceptances. But you’re not there yet, so I hope you don’t freak out too much before you get any other decisions you’re waiting on.

  3. Hey Mark, cheer up! Sorry it didn’t work out but no need to feel too pessimistic. I’m sure there’s plenty of good news down the road!

  4. Hey Mark, I know exactly how you feel. I got dinged by Columbia a few days ago after an interview. I didnt know exactly what went wrong with the interview and i was just like an empty shell for the rest of that day. The admission is so close yet so far. Now i have lost my confidence for the remaining interviews. I know even if i feel confident after the interview, nothing is guaranteed. Have you interviewed with Wharton yet? I interviewed with them yesterday. Thought it went well, but again, after Columbia, I just never know. ARGH it is frustrating indeed. Good luck to you 🙂

  5. yo, just came across your blog. I’m a fellow bschool applicant as well and waiting to hear back. Just wanted to say i appreciate your blog. Keep up the good work, and im sure good news will be heading your way soon.

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