Depressed MBA Admissions

Within my WordPress dashboard setup, I have a Google Analytics widget that displays key website metrics over the past month.  I’m always interested in seeing which search terms led to inbound traffic for my site.  This month, the most popular search term was my website name “random wok.”  No surprises there.  But the second most popular phrase was:

“depressed MBA admissions”

Wow.  With all my posts about sacrifices and stress, I guess I’ve cornered the market on whining about the MBA admissions process.  And I this post will only further solidify that.  😉

Anyway, hopefully this theme will quickly fade away to the past, as I begin to move towards a better and (fingers crossed) happier future.

1 thought on “Depressed MBA Admissions”

  1. Hey Mark – that’s hilarious. and no, luckily I didn’t stumble on your site with said search term. BTW I’m a 2013 Anderson admit as well, and already committed. So here’s hoping you choose Anderson, regardless of wherever else you might get in.

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