The Silence Has Broken: Haas Interview Invite

It’s only been two weeks since I submitted my final application and I’ve definitely enjoyed my time off.  I stayed off the boards where people listed their interview invites and admissions decisions because I knew it could only make me worry.  But before I could even start stressing out, I got invited to interview at … Read more

Net Worth Update: December 2010 – And So it Was

Net Change: +$3,944.14 Net Cashflow: +$825.46 Investment Performance: +$3,188.68 October 2010 S&P Performance: +5.2% Dining Out Spend: $ (313.79) This month, I barely noticed that the new year had come around, mainly because I had my head buried in essays and business school application forms.  But when it was all said and done, I hit … Read more

Business School Spam

When you sign up for the GMAT and during the actual GMAT exam itself, you are presented the option to sign up for the GMAC mailing list.  I forget the actual terminology, but it says something like: “Do you want business schools to send you information about their programs and potential scholarships?”  “Scholarships” being the … Read more

Crawling Across the Finish Line

I hit the submit button for Harvard this morning, with just a handful of minutes before the deadline.  The Harvard essays were definitely tricky, but given that it was my final application, it really wasn’t that bad.  I had already come up with most of the ideas that I needed from doing all of my … Read more