My Official Guide GMAT Diagnostic Test

I took the diagnostic exam from the Official Guide for the GMAT, a book written by the GMAC with actual questions from the test.  In terms of GMAT preparation, this book is often cited as the bible for practice questions and referred to as “OG 12” in forums.  (12 referring to the 12th edition of … Read more

How I Can Save More Money

1.  “Renting” DVDs from the Library 2.  Using RedBox Free DVD Codes 3.  Using Digital Coupons with My Safeway Club Card 4.  Cooking More Often / Eating Out Less 5.  Investing More Time in This Blog Things That Would Be a Waste of Time 1.  Peer to Peer Lending 2.  Buying Stocks / Timing the … Read more

Math Memorization Table for the GMAT

The GMAT is known primarily as a reasoning test where rote memorization won’t necessarily help your score.   Despite the lack of “recall” content within the test, there are definitely a number of mathematical expressions worth memorizing.  I’m talking primarily about the fractions and percentages you’ll have to deal with on the test. For example, … Read more

Net Worth Update: May 2010 – The Sky Fell

Net Change: $ (1,324.54) Net Cashflow: +$1,966.45 Investment Performance: $ (3,290.99) May 2010 S&P Performance: (8.2%) Food Spend Monthly Change: +$134.85 Dining Out: $ (248.65) Groceries: $ (225.43) Why do I even trust the stock market anymore?  This month was very good for me from a cash flow perspective, showing a net of nearly $2,000.  … Read more