Top 3 Reasons Why My VLOOKUP Isn’t Working

1.  You Have Your Numbers Formatted as Text 2.  You Have a Trailing Space at the End of Your Values 3.  You Forgot to Reference Lock Your Arrays During my days as the spreadsheet guy (oh wait, I still am the spreadsheet guy) I’d often get pinged by other analysts about why their VLOOKUP formulas … Read more

Raw Notes: Good to Great

Good to Great Jim Collins c 2001 258 pages Chapters 1. Good Is the Enemy of Great 2. Level 5 Leadership 3. First Who… Then What 4. Confront the Brutal Facts (Yet Never Lose Faith) 5. The Hedgehog Concept (Simplicity within the Three Circles) 6. A Culture of Discipline 7. Technology Accelerators 8. The Flywheel … Read more

Checklist for Switching From MS Money to Quicken

Since I first installed Microsoft Money on my computer, almost a full decade ago, I’ve always had a good sense of my financial net worth. The software provided two essential functions that I could not live without: the ability to download my credit card transactions to my laptop and the ability to update price quotes … Read more

Quicken Deluxe 2010 for Only $20

Here’s a sweet deal for anyone needing desktop financial management software after Money recently shut down its online services. You have to be a Costco member, however, for it to work. The current list price for Quicken Deluxe 2010 is $39.99 at Costco stores. If you received their coupon book in the mail, you’ll notice … Read more

Pimp Out Your PowerPoint

I’ve always been more of a quant than a designer, so building PowerPoint decks can often be a frustrating process.  While I’m not naturally gifted, I feel that the more times I try and the more options I can add to my palette, the better I will eventually become. Microsoft recently released a deck of … Read more

2010 Goals Addendum

11.  Complete an Updated Resume Every Month Just having a job is not as secure as it used to be, especially in this type of economy.  Regardless of how my comfortable my current job may become, I always need to be prepared for my next step.  That’s why a resume and a CV are so important.  After what … Read more