Top 10 Productivity Boosts of Using Two Monitors

In a corporate office, having two monitors has always been somewhat of a luxury.  And with today’s economy, I’d think that most workers would feel a little wasteful having this setup.  I personally have always avoided installing a second monitor because I didn’t think the advantages were that compelling.  I knew the extra real estate … Read more

Computer Purchases Over Time

Year 1998 2005 2009 Price $3,000 $2,000 $500 Hard Drive 40 Gb 80 Gb 250 Gb RAM 128 Mb 1 Gb 3 Gb Attached is a quick and dirty chart of all my computer purchases over time.  I still think it’s amazing how quickly computer prices have dropped in my lifetime.  Some important things I … Read more

New PC Install Guide

I know, I should’ve purchased a Mac.  But given my current cash flow situation, the Mac purchase really wasn’t an option for me.  I spent about $500 on a Toshiba that came with a free HP Deskjet printer.  I’ll stow away the $500 I saved and invest it towards buying a Mac in a few years.  Below is … Read more

Top Ten Signs You’ve Become a Consultant

You find it difficult to explain things without PowerPoint. The Monday morning flight attendants know you better than your neighbors. You tried to raise a plant at home and it died. You constantly use words that don’t really exist. You regularly divulge sensitive client information with your family and friends.  Who cares?  They won’t understand you anyway. You … Read more

Don’t Take Investment Advice from a Baby

Now don’t get me wrong, E*TRADE is a great company and has a very user friendly website.  Their inception greatly reduced transaction costs in the market and improved overall market efficiency.  And yes, the baby is adorable. But the E*TRADE Baby commercials are a way of talking down to the average person.  They’re basically saying … Read more

Bernie Madoff: A Lesson in Diversification

Bernie Madoff recently plead guilty to running a $65 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.  He scammed his investors out of billions of dollars and will likely spend the rest of his natural life in jail.  While most of his victims were indirectly affected, many people trusted him with ALL of their savings and lost everything. Not putting all your … Read more

How a 401(K) Plan Teaches You Investing

For many Americans, our first exposure to the investing world is through the company 401(K) plan.  While IRAs and discount brokerages are important tools in the investment industry, it’s better to begin learning about investments from an employer sponsored 401(K) plan.  By reviewing the terms and conditions of a 401(K) plan, you can learn some very sound … Read more

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I picked up my mail this morning and was surprised to see a bill from my corporate card.  Since my relationship with the firm had been terminated, I worked tirelessly to resolve any financial obligations I still had outstanding.  My 401K is being rolled over.  I’ve filed for COBRA.  And I thought all my bills … Read more