Computer Purchases Over Time









Hard Drive

40 Gb

80 Gb

250 Gb


128 Mb

1 Gb

3 Gb

Attached is a quick and dirty chart of all my computer purchases over time.  I still think it’s amazing how quickly computer prices have dropped in my lifetime.  Some important things I learned in the process are:

  • With the falling prices of computers, buying a souped up rig never makes sense
  • The honeymoon period and “new car smell” only last for about a week; afterward you’ll want to buy a new one
  • Don’t look at the computer ads the week after you bought your computer; nothing good can come from this act
  • If you keep waiting for price drops, it’s possible you’ll never actually buy new a computer
  • Whether its crashes, bugs, or viruses, Windows will always let you down
  • Don’t time your computer purchase with a Windows release; always wait until after the first Service Pack or longer if possible
  • No matter how complacent you feel after your purchase, at some point, you will need more hard drive space
  • Never buy the extended warranty; you’re statistically not likely to use it as retailers earn a 90% profit on all warranty conversions
  • Laptops are much more convenient if you ever need to move

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