Wharton 2011 Essays: Consolidated Advice

Below is a quick consolidation of links for advice and analysis on the Wharton 2011 Essays.  I felt that using these sources has definitely changed my essays for the better.  It’s a great starting point if you are getting writer’s block on any one of your essays.  One consistent theme across all the advice has been … Read more

Got My AWA Scores Today

I received an email with my official score report and my AWA score: I got a 6.0.  Not a shock or anything, as I know I wrote some pretty solid essays.  It only took me 6 days after the big test day to get my scores, even though the testing documentation said it would take … Read more

GMAT Tip: Americans Protest Iran Nuclear Testing

No, this isn’t a political post, as this isn’t a world affairs blog.  It’s just a mnemonic device to memorize the compound interest formula.  One of my friends told me this is how he remembered it for the GMAT.  You can just memorize this one, as replacing “1” for the “n” value (number of periods) will give you … Read more

Course Corrections for My GMAT Study Plan

Now that I’m approximately 60 days away from the big day, it’s a good time to reflect on everything I’ve done thus far and make adjustments where needed.  I’ve read blogs, reviewed forums, and taken two practice CATs thus far.  I’ve also completed six weeks of the Manhattan GMAT Online Live Course. Higher Standards Getting … Read more

Upcoming Webinar from Art of Applying, Aug 12th

Kaneisha Grayson, successful Harvard MBA and founder of Art of Applying, is hosting another one of her popular webinars this week, on August 12th.  This webinar is one of a series of classes designed to guide you on the path to getting your MBA.  Read the description below for this month’s topic. School Choice, Quick-Start … Read more

More GMAT Memorization: Factorials

I’ve posted before about memorizing prime numbers, squares & cubes, and fraction, decimal, and percent conversions.  Here’s one more thing you need to memorize for the GMAT test: Factorials. Factorials will show up in number properties and combinatorics questions. The first time during my GMAT study I came across a number with an exclamation point … Read more

GMAT Study Update: The MGMAT OG Tracker is Awesome!

Even though I’m already in my third week of study for my Manhattan GMAT online course, I still haven’t explored all the resources available to me on the Manhattan website.  Last night I signed up for office hours with one of the Manhattan GMAT instructors and she informed about Manhattan’s Official Guide Tracker.  I downloaded the file … Read more