One Month to Go: It’s Time to Focus

While I feel pretty confident that I’m at the 700 level already, I definitely don’t want to become nonchalant about my upcoming test.  This is the final month of my three month plan.  If you read the debriefs on the Beat the GMAT forums, this is usually when people ramp up their studying significantly.  For … Read more

Beat the GMAT Practice Question Set

I recently received an offer from one of my favorite GMAT websites, Beat the GMAT, to review their practice question set.  BTG offers a huge set of more than 700 practice questions that you can buy access to from its website.  Click on the link below for more detail. GMAT Questions | GMAT Courses  Just … Read more

Course Corrections for My GMAT Study Plan

Now that I’m approximately 60 days away from the big day, it’s a good time to reflect on everything I’ve done thus far and make adjustments where needed.  I’ve read blogs, reviewed forums, and taken two practice CATs thus far.  I’ve also completed six weeks of the Manhattan GMAT Online Live Course. Higher Standards Getting … Read more