Should Everyone Apply to Harvard?

A few years ago, I was sitting in a room discussing MBA applications with some consulting peers.  At the time, I had not yet decided to go to business school, but most of the others already had and were in the process of applying.  One comment struck me with intrigue: “Everyone should apply to Harvard.” … Read more

Do Consultants Have an Edge When Applying to Business School?

When I graduated from college, I worked for one of the Big 4 consulting firms.  From the day we started, we were told that our ultimate goal was to go on to business school and hopefully rejoin the firm.  Based on my personal observations, there was not a single consultant, of those who applied, who … Read more

Upcoming Webinar from Art of Applying, Aug 12th

Kaneisha Grayson, successful Harvard MBA and founder of Art of Applying, is hosting another one of her popular webinars this week, on August 12th.  This webinar is one of a series of classes designed to guide you on the path to getting your MBA.  Read the description below for this month’s topic. School Choice, Quick-Start … Read more

Owned by the GMAT Practice Test: 630

I took my first real practice test for the GMAT this morning.  This was a pretty good simulation because I did the computer adaptive version through Manhattan GMAT’s online tests.  I did try to simulate it as closely as possible by completing the analytical writing assessment and using a simulation scratchpad that you’d use during … Read more