How to Write a Lame Investing Article

First and foremost, I don’t intend to single out MSN, as they do have some great personal finance authors on their website.  Despite that fact, some of their articles and writers are simply a joke.  Below is a snapshot from an actual article in MSN’s investing section, one that made MSN’s main portal page a few weeks ago.

Want to write your own lame investing article?  Here are the steps to do so:

1.  Include a picture of yourself looking like a douchebag – Kindergarten

2.  Include a cliche, overused, dumbed-down title – 4th grade

3.  Arrange letters in the alphabet into two, three, or four letter ticker symbols – 1st grade

4.  Include charts that show an upward trend – 3rd grade

There you have it.  Everything you need to earn your investing column.  Unfortunately, if you’ve passed the fifth grade, you’re already overqualified.

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