How I Can Save More Money

1.  “Renting” DVDs from the Library

2.  Using RedBox Free DVD Codes

3.  Using Digital Coupons with My Safeway Club Card

4.  Cooking More Often / Eating Out Less

5.  Investing More Time in This Blog

Things That Would Be a Waste of Time

1.  Peer to Peer Lending

2.  Buying Stocks / Timing the Market

3.  Online Surveys / Scams / etc.

2 thoughts on “How I Can Save More Money”

  1. You could also buy one of those Entertainment coupon books on sale at Borders and credit unions (usually $30 but can go down to $10 or even $5). They are worth the discounted movie tickets alone. My dad buys one for me every year, and I love it!

    Another way you could MAKE money is creating e-books based on your money-saving ideas. Even just selling them for $5 would bring in some income and could be your fun money.

    I like your blog!

  2. Thanks for the advice Kaneisha. I’ve never heard about entertainment books before, but I’ll definitely check it out.

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