FAFSA Requirement: Finish Your 2010 Tax Filing

I filed my taxes this weekend using H&R Block At Home Deluxe.  H&R Block is typically considered the simpler of the two mainstream options available, (the other being Turbo Tax) but since I don’t own any complex assets, have dependents, nor do I plan to itemize my deductions, H&R Block suits my needs.

I recommend getting the download version this year.  You can get it instantly and it’s usually a little cheaper than the retail version on Amazon.  Plus you help the environment by not contributing to waste.

Surprisingly, this year the government actually owed me money, to the tune of a couple thousand dollars.  I usually do a good job of forecasting my tax liability, so that I owe the IRS as much as possible without incurring an underpayment penalty.  But this year, due to all the time I spent studying for the GMAT and applying to business school, I hadn’t calculated my tax liability since last March.

It’s important for all business school applicants to get their taxes done early, so you can file your FAFSA as well.

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