Economics 101

I try to keep political topics away from my blog, as I don’t have much respect for either party in the US.  (There is a well formatted chart involved in this post, so I’ll use that to justify relevance)  What annoys me is when one party, Democrat or Republican, reaches new levels of idiocy and hypocrisy.

This time it’s the Republicans, who after the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released data on job growth, showing the strongest number in years, complained that it wasn’t enough.  Okay, fine.  Look at the chart below showing job growth under both Bush and Obama.

Source: Countdown with Keith Olberman

Bush did a poor job running this economy.  Did I really have to explain?  Is it really that hard for Republicans to admit?  We trusted Republican supported market based economics.  And guess what?  They put all our money in a giant mortgage backed Ponzi scheme.

The market failed us.  We need to give new ideas a chance.

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