Done! Finally Completed the Switch to Quicken

It took me a couple of hours past midnight, but I guess once I got on a roll, I didn’t want to stop.  The final steps to my Quicken enablement I detailed a few weeks back are now complete.  My financials are now transparent.  My accounts now all balance.  I can track the cost basis and values of all my investments.  And, it’s kind of sad that I just found this out, but using this newly refreshed view of my personal finances, I realize that I’m overly invested in international funds.  Oops.

The whole process took about two months end to end, but within that timeframe there were really only a handful of days (including today) where I dove in and invested a significant amount of hours.  I was afraid of this process at the beginning.  I even lived in denial for a bit.  But now that it’s done, it feels like a huge wait has been lifted from my shoulders.  For better or worse, I’m now a Quicken user and I’m not looking back.

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