Net Worth Update: September 2010 – From the Ashes

Net Change: +$6,054.76

Net Cashflow: +$2,335.62

Investment Performance: +$3,699.14
September 2010 S&P Performance: +8.8%

Dining Out Spend: $ (270.79)

I honestly could care less about my Net Worth right now.  This is probably the best monthly performance I’ve had all year, yet all I can think about is my GMAT score. Did the market crash this month?  Who cares?  I’m going to business school.

This month won’t show it, but I’ve definitely been splurging a lot since I’ve taken the GMAT.  I’ve had massages and gone to the movies more often than I ever would.  Despite going against my normally thrifty principles, I feel I deserved this after the three months of studying I went though.

I’m starting to realize that getting an MBA will make my Net Worth updates much less relevant.  After business school, I have a good shot at a six figure salary and probably won’t need to worry about my finances as much as I do now.  And even though I knew my chances were good all along, my fear of failure has always kept me frugal.

I feel this fear, the self doubt that I’ve always clutched on so hard to, is starting to fade away. I’ve been a pessimist for too long.  I was so grumpy and bitter about the hand that life dealt me. But I’m not going to let my past define the future.  Now the ball is in my court and the sky’s the limit.  It’s been a long time, but I finally feel I have control over my destiny.

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