Net Worth Update: October 2010 – Back in the Saddle

Net Change: +$3,917.87

Net Cashflow: +$2,422.91

Investment Performance: +$1,494.96
2010 S&P Performance: +3.7%

Dining Out Spend: $ (429.27)

If you told me I was going to be $1000 away from my annual net worth goal this summer, I definitely would not have believed you.  I’m still not at a positive net worth, but I’ve moved nearly $25K in the right direction.

My dining out expenses understandably went through the roof this month.  Lots of celebrating because of my GMAT score.  I’ll let it slide this month.  😉

The market has been doing really well lately.  (Remember there was a time when that comment wasn’t relevant?  Remember we used to assume the market always went up?)  The investment performance has definitely helped in the net worth department and hopefully this will continue into the New Year.

I will face quite a bit of expenses when it comes to all the application fees I need to pay.  Based on all the schools I’m applying to, it’s going to be at least $1,000.  And if I get an interview invite and have to fly out, that’s just more money out of pocket.

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