Top Ten Signs You’ve Become a Consultant

  1. You find it difficult to explain things without PowerPoint.
  2. The Monday morning flight attendants know you better than your neighbors.
  3. You tried to raise a plant at home and it died.
  4. You constantly use words that don’t really exist.
  5. You regularly divulge sensitive client information with your family and friends.  Who cares?  They won’t understand you anyway.
  6. You write and send emails more efficiently on your blackberry rather than your laptop.
  7. Everything seems to fit into either a two by two matrix or a decision tree.
  8. You get heart palpitations when you lose your internet connection.
  9. When Dominos comes with your pizza order, you time and evaluate the “deliverable.”
  10. You consider yourself a subject matter expert after reading a two page article in Business Week.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Signs You’ve Become a Consultant”

  1. Consultants are all jerks. They waltz in to the office and act like they own the place. I’m glad that my company cut our vendor spend in half.

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