Surviving the Wait Game

 One of the comments on my “depression” post last week, made by JustShip, really stood out to me:

“… focus on other things.”

I’ve been so used to giving it my all, and setting tough goals for myself that I almost feel obligated to be stressed out right now.  But there’s really no reason for it.

It’s important to put things in perspective.  Yes, right now getting an MBA to further my career is the most important thing in the world.  But within the big scheme of things, my school and degree are just one piece of who I am.  And while there will be times when I’m valued solely on those factors, I know that other factors will be more important in the future, such as my skillset, my character, and the amount of social impact I have.

This week I purchased an exercise mat so I could begin my long delayed goal of completing the P90 X course.  When I first heard of P90 X, it sounded really gimmicky to me – a set of videos you do every day over the course of 90 days?  However, both on the Internet and from friends anecdotally, I’ve only heard good things about this exercise regimen.  I’ve really neglected my health during the GMAT prep and admissions processes, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get in shape before the fall.

Over the next two weeks my life and my future will change.  But that doesn’t justify wasting the present.

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