More 2010 Goals

I’ve added two more health goals to round out to eighteen total this year.

1.  Use up the $900 allocated to my Flex Spending Account

This is the first time I’ve participated in a flex spending account, where I’m basically given the chance to designate a portion of my healthcare expenses as tax free.  After my first go around of allocating funds, I now realize it’s a lot like the Price is Right.  If you guess really close to the actual amount or guess under, then a good chunk of your healthcare is paid with pre tax income.  About a 25% discount in my case.  If you guess wrong and go over, the amount you go over by is forfeited and any discount you received is all but negated.

Anyway, I allocated $900 to encourage myself to get all of my medications and go to all my required visits.  This is truly an investment in my health.

2.  Complete all of my standard medical, dental, and optical visits.

I get 2 dental visits, 1 doctor’s exam, and an eye exam free of charge.  I remember when I was a traveling consultant before, I’d often forget these regular checkups and have health insurance for no reason.  Now that I have a normal job, I have no excuse not to make these appointments.

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