I Have Found the Holy Grail

And it is books.

Yes, quite simply books. A phenomenon I’ve had contact with for years but have never fully utilized. The various methods towards success and fruition. The answers to the worlds problems. They’re all in books.

Yes, it’s dumb to have such a revelation at the age of 25, but sometimes you need periods of great stress to finally open your eyes. I was laying down in bed when this came to me, under the enforced bedrest advice coming from my doctor. I’m unemployed. My kidneys are failing. My legs are swelling because my kidneys are failing. There is fluid leaking from my legs because my legs are swelling so much that my skin has split. And yet, I now feel more empowered than ever. You have to reach the bottom before you can recover. You have to find the trough. I’ve found it and I’ve begun to turn the corner.

During the years I worked as a Big 4 consultant, I always felt I had too much stuff floating in my head. I now realize that I had too little.

I picked up my Seattle Public Library Card this week. (This is my second one, as my previous card has expired) Overall, there are a number of reasons why I feel getting this library card is going to help me:

1. It’s cheaper

The cost of a library can add up, and since I’m not employed full-time, I really shouldn’t be spending that much. By going to the library, I can employ my frugal financial principles while still learning a tremendous amount.

2. Better utilization

I’m much more likely to read a book if I have a due date attached to it. I have so many half read books purchased from my travel projects that I may never finish. The due date keeps me honest and focused on my goals.

3. Better notetaking

Because I have to give the book back, and not let it rest on a bookshelf, I’ll force myself to take better notes as I go through each book.

4. Searchability

Some libraries, King County Library being one of them, offer Books 24/7, which is basically a service that offers free books that can be searched and viewed online. This is great if you just need a snippet of information and don’t have time to head to the bookstore or library.

5. Documentaries and Movies

The library offers various forms of free entertainment, including popular DVDs. I just saw the latest version of The Incredible Hulk and probably would’ve checked it out if I hadn’t already seen it. It’s just a nice feeling to walk by the DVD rack at my local library as I pick up books and see what types of free entertainment are available.

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