2010 Goals Addendum

11.  Complete an Updated Resume Every Month

Just having a job is not as secure as it used to be, especially in this type of economy.  Regardless of how my comfortable my current job may become, I always need to be prepared for my next step.  That’s why a resume and a CV are so important.  After what I went through last year, I now equate Corporate America to a game of musical chairs:  when the music stops, you don’t want to be the one without a seat.  How do you do that?  You need to watch your own ass.  Don’t assume someone will do it for you.

12.  Backup Important Documents Every Quarter

I’ve already begun the process of digitizing my important documents.  Now I just need to save it somewhere other than my hard drive.  While I have nearly 200 gigs of data saved on my computer, probably less than 1 gig of that is actually important.  I’ll look into some online storage solutions to complete this goal.

13.  Write My Will

While my health condition is not as dire as it was a year ago, but given the circumstances, I still should be prepared for the worst.  I care for my family and writing a will is a great way to be unselfish.  Also, I have the software already, so I might as well use it.

14.  Move all Investment Accounts to Vanguard

I still have an old IRA at TD Ameritrade and at this point, I should move it all over to Vanguard.  There have been too many instances where I’ve been hit with random and unexpected transaction fees.  This is even coming from what is considered one of the cheapest online brokers available.  Also, I think the cheapest fund TD Ameritrade has, in terms of expense ratio, is double that of the typical Vanguard fund.  Furthermore, by moving all my investment accounts to one institution, it’ll be much easier to track my net worth.

15.  Take a Speed Reading Course

With all the books I want to read, and an MBA on the horizon, my reading speed is going to need to pick up if I want to have more free time. I hope to increase my speed significantly before I enroll into a major business school program.

16.  Provide for My Family

I will give back at least $1000 to my family members. Regardless of how cheap I am, I know I can afford it. Easily. My relationship with my family right now isn’t terrible, but it could be better. And this is definitely one area of spending that I don’t feel bad about when I splurge.

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