I’ve Registered to Take the GMAT… Almost

So I finally worked up the courage to finalize my test date for the GMAT; I’m trying to register for the second week of October.  I go to the GMAT website and jump through the hoops of putting in all my contact information, filling out my profile, and answering a bunch of dumb survey questions.  I had my wallet out and was ready and willing to pay the ridculous $250 test fee when I got this screen:

How anticlimatic.

Yes, it’s kind of pathetic, I know, but confirming my GMAT date has been a big deal for me and has been something I’ve definitely been procrastinating on.  There’s a finality and a seriousness to it that generally makes me uneasy.

Oh well, in “two business days or less,” I lay down the gauntlet and kick my studies into high gear.

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