GMAT Amnesia

I was goofing around with my iPhone apps the other day and noticed I still had a couple of GMAT apps installed.  I decided to open up the Vertias Prep app and give one of the math questions a go.

For the first question, I had no idea where even to start.  So I skipped it and came to another question that again, left me totally blank.  Now, maybe the Veritas questions are harder than regular GMAT ones, but I think it’s clear that my honed, precise GMAT skills have left me.  Interesting since it’s only been two months since I took the test.

I think my mind somehow remembers the countless hours I put into studying for that test and has purposely blocked out everything I learned about number properties and triangles.  😉

This definitely shows that the focus of the GMAT should be short term: you invest all of your energy for three to four months to take the test of your life, and then you never have to worry about it again.

Okay, enough random thoughts, back to essays…

1 thought on “GMAT Amnesia”

  1. Being in the “GMAT” mindset def leaves students quickly! Get it, pass it and forget it haha. However, some of what you learned during your prep will directly apply in b-school (finance, quick calculations, making guesstimates, etc so the GMAT wasn’t all a one and done activity.

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