Along Came a Moth

Please bear in mind, this is a Friday post written at 1 in the morning.  Feel free to stop reading now.

So it’s 1 am and I’m going through the “Fractions Decimals Percents” (FDP) section of the Official Guide problems.  I was doing really well, and I had a streak of about 20 OG questions right, most of them data sufficiency.  I know FDP is generally regarded as the easiest math topic they test you on, but I’ll take any victory I can get on the Math section.

All of a sudden, in the middle of doing one of my problems, a moth flew down and landed on my notebook.  The first thing I did was immediately stop my timer because obviously I didn’t want to mess up my tracker by logging a time on a question that was inflated due to insect interference.  </sarcasm>

Then, in one fell swoop, I squished the moth violently between my palm and my notebook, leaving most of its guts on my palm and a rather obvious stain on my notebook.  After vigorously washing my hands with soap and alcohol, I came back to my notebook and had to decipher what to do.  (I’m kind of a germaphobe, so I really wanted to get rid of the stain somehow)  I wiped as much of the moth parts off my notebook as I possibly could and then put a piece of scotch tape over it to ensure I wouldn’t touch it again.

After collecting myself, I restarted the timer and proceeded to finish the problem.  It took me 2:09 in total and I got it wrong.  It was the only one I got wrong in that whole section.  The comment that I put in my tracker next to that question: Moth’s fault.

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