GMAT Study Update: The MGMAT OG Tracker is Awesome!

Even though I’m already in my third week of study for my Manhattan GMAT online course, I still haven’t explored all the resources available to me on the Manhattan website.  Last night I signed up for office hours with one of the Manhattan GMAT instructors and she informed about Manhattan’s Official Guide Tracker.  I downloaded the file after my office hours session and when I opened it, I was immediately impressed.

If you’ve signed up for Manhattan GMAT, download the Official Guide Tracker Spreadsheet before you do any OG problems.  It is a tremendous resource that will save you a ton of time when tracking your errors and subject area weaknesses.

The spreadsheet is great because it already has all the OG 12 questions listed in spreadsheet format and categorizes them by subject matter.  All I need to do is enter my answer choice and the time it took me to finish each OG question.  The spreadsheet does the rest, by telling me whether or not I got it right and whether or not I spent too much time on the question.

The best part however, comes after you’ve completed a number of questions.  The spreadsheet includes a number of summary tabs that tell you how well you performed in each section.  This feature is key to assessing your weakness areas and developing a study plan that will maximize improvement.  Hmm, looks like I need to work on Inequalities…  (j/k - the below is populated with fake data)

I had read many debriefs on Beat the GMAT about how people tracked their errors in a spreadsheet.  While I always knew this tactic would be useful, I was hestitant to invest the time to build such a spreadsheet.  With the MGMAT OG Tracker in hand, using a spreadsheet is a no brainer and will definitely help my studies going forward.

(I’m pretty sure you need to enroll in an online course to download this file, so I won’t upload the material.  However, at the end of the day, it is just a spreadsheet, so if you have any Excel skills, you should be able to create your own pretty easily.  I probably would’ve created my own had I not discovered this resource.)

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